Beth says...

"I have a Welsh Cob X black gelding who starts to get very itchy during the warmer and dryer months and likes to scratch on everything. I used EquineLuxury products off a friend and it made a huge difference in his scratching from the first application. In particular Healthy Coat shampoo."

 Kiana says...

"For the past week I've been shampooing my Arab's itch spots with your Shampoo "Healthy Coat" and it's safe to say that it worked wonders!! Almost completely cleared up!! I'm in love with your products now and am definitely going to keep using these!"

Helen says... 

"I have now had the chance to try the Heathy Coat shampoo, Conditioner and Detangler and I highly recommend these products. The detangling spray is now my go to product for all our horses it has been my godsend especially on our horses who are lucky enough to have very thick tails. Thank you EquineLuxury and to all reading this please do purchase these products you will be very glad you did."

Chloe says...

"My gorgeous little pony suffers from itch really badly (this is a good season for her so far) she bleeds all the time and is always scratching herself. I currently wash her in healthy coat shampoo which helps with keeping the bugs away and I keep a rug on her too most of the time."

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