About Us


Equineluxury is committed to offering you a large range of natural horse grooming, care & washing products, developed by experts with over 10 years of experience in collaboration with equestrians who know what is needed to fulfil the daily challenges of horse grooming and care.

At a time when our oceans are full of plastic, our air polluted and our groundwater contaminatedyou can rest assured that our products will not harm you or the environment, as they are readily biodegradable, unlike the detergents commonly used in commercially available horse grooming and washing product.

Equineluxury is proud to say that we have an all natural alternative for you and your horse to harmful chemicals and that this will also save you time and money.

Our Promise to you :

  • The very Best Results, tested by Experts 
  • FREE of Chemicals and Artificial Colours
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - 30 days cash back
  • Natural Ingredients only  

EquineLuxury is more than just an online shop: We are passionate about the care and welfare of horses and their owners around the country.

Let Equineluxury help you optimise your horse's happiness and well-being!