About Us

Equineluxury is committed to offering you a large range of natural horse grooming, care & washing products developed by experts with over 10 years of experience in collaboration with equestrians who know what is needed to fulfill the daily challenges of horse grooming and care.
Quality and sourcing our raw materials and ingredients from sustainable sources are some of the highest priorities. 
Unique and suitable experiences for horses and riders that ensure super shiny and healthy looking coats as an end result motivates us since day 1. 
Improving the equestrian's life to make their grooming routine easier and more enjoyable is constantly on our minds. 
Not every "natural" Horse shampoo is actually natural. Please make sure that you read the ingredients list or ask yourself why the company would not print the ingredients on the back of the bottle.
Equineluxury is proud to say that we have an all natural alternative for you and your horse to harmful chemicals and that this will also save you time and money.
Luxury can be defined as "a condition of great ease and comfort". That is the exact feeling we want our animals to experience when we take care of them. Then friendship needs care. 
Ultimately, our focus is optimum well being for our four legged friends, which we want to achieve by sourcing only the purest natural ingredients available to ensure the highest quality equine products possible. 
Xx is something you will see quite often on our pages, social media, etc., and requires no explanation as we know it stands for two kisses. Still, it also represents the female genetic code as our customers and the target audiences are primarily women. 
Useful is also to know that EL started the first time in 2018 when Jana successfully completed equine aromatherapist, homeopathy, and soap-making courses after discovering she is allergic to the most generic produced horse care products. 
Rest assured that our products will not harm you or the environment, as they are readily biodegradable, unlike the detergents commonly used in commercially available horse grooming and washing product.
You can be ensured that we deliver:
  • The very Best Results, tested by Experts 
  • FREE of Chemicals and Artificial Colours
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - 30 days cash back
  • Natural Ingredients ONLY 
EquineLuxury is more than just an online shop. We are passionate about the care and welfare of horses and their owners around the world. 

Let EquineLuxury help you optimise your horse's happiness and well-being!