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EquineLuxury Leather Liquid Soap - 100% Natural

EquineLuxury Leather Liquid Soap - 100% Natural

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EquineLuxury Liquid Leather Soap:

  • Effectively removes ingrained dirt and sweat
  • Moisturises deeply 
  • Convenient spray-on formulation
  • Chemical FREE
  • Safe for use on delicate leather
  • Contains a Natural Leather Preservative (Beeswax)
Directions: First clean the leather with a damp cloth to remove loose dirt. Once clean, you can then proceed to spray EquineLuxury Leather Liquid Soap to a second cleaning cloth. Rub the cloth gently across the surface of your leather product. To give the leather the perfect finish use EquineLuxury Leather Balm  afterwards.  

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