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EquineLuxury Healthy Coat Shampoo & Conditioner Value Pack

EquineLuxury Healthy Coat Shampoo & Conditioner Value Pack

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EquineLuxury "Healthy Coat" 100% Natural Equine Shampoo (Macadamia Enriched) with 100% Pure Tea Tree, Lavender & Eucalyptus Oil

"Healthy Coat" Shampoo is our first innovation and its main purpose is to promote a Healthy Coat for your furry friends. There are many aspects involved in maintaining a Healthy Coat. Keeping Bugs, Pests, Fungus, Flies and Bacteria out of the coat is a large part of this task. Regular washing with "Healthy Coast" shampoo will help to keep these unwanted nasty's at bay. Our combination of Tea Tree, Lavender & Eucalyptus Oils penetrates deep into the skin and fur during Shampooing. Tea Tree Oil is one of the most powerful anti-bacterial substances found in nature, this allows for a very deep clean to take place. Conditions like rain root, mud fever or QLD itch are caused by bacteria and/or fungus. Eucalyptus is famous for its anti-fungal properties. Aside from these real benefits, this all natural shampoo smells totally amazing. 

EquineLuxury "Shiny Coat" Natural Equine Conditioner (Argan & Jojoba Enriched)

EquineLuxury “Shiny Coat” Conditioner produces an amazing shine instantly after use. After completion of this treatment, the coat, mane and tail will be covered in a glamorous, healthy shine. This product gives body to the hair, helps it look thicker and fuller, and also leaves these areas feeling soft and silky. 

This Conditioner is Australia hand made from the purest ingredients.

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