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Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun 2.0

Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun 2.0

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We're excited to introduce our latest innovation in horse grooming - the Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun 2.0.

Experience quick and effortless horse grooming with the Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun 2.0 and EquineLuxury Shampoo. The adjustable rubber nozzle allows you to customize the spray shape to suit your washing needs, delivering a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience.

Designed as an 8-in-1 water spray trigger/nozzle for garden and stable hosepipes, the Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun 2.0 simplifies horse washing by featuring an integrated dilution combination container, reducing shampoo usage while providing excellent coverage. With up to two times the water pressure of a typical hosepipe spray trigger/nozzle, washing horses has never been easier or more enjoyable.

No motor pressure washer is required; you only need a regular garden hosepipe, water, and shampoo. The eight different water spray nozzle settings effortlessly remove mud, stable stains, sweat, and dirt.

Simply attach the Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun 2.0 to the hosepipe, fill the soap dispenser with shampoo, turn on the water, and select one of the eight water spray patterns. After wetting the horse's coat, apply the shampoo to the coat using the shampoo nozzle and rinse to reveal a clean and refreshed horse.

Upgrade your horse grooming routine with the efficient and effective Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun 2.0. Make horse washing easier, quicker, and more effective with this 2.0 version of the hosepipe spray nozzle.

IMPROVEMENTS OVER Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun?

The Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun is similar in form, but it has a longer shampoo time (up to 10 minutes of inline mixture depending on the shampoo used) and a switch at the back of the trigger to manage water pressure. This new version features a more robust design and easier handling as well as better connection pieces to the hose.  



Water flows via the hosepipe and into the Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun, much like a conventional hosepipe trigger spray/nozzle. With the shampoo nozzle closed, water is permitted to travel through the trigger and then through one of eight preset water nozzles. These nozzles, like many hosepipe triggers, allow you to adjust the water pattern, with options such as flat, jet, shower, angle, and so on, allowing you to choose an ideal water pattern for your horse(s) bath.

When you're ready to apply shampoo, turn the shampoo nozzle to the open position, which will direct the water flow from the hosepipe into the shampoo container, mixing the shampoo and water together.

The combined solution then exits the Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun 2.0 and covers the horse's coat with a light and slick shampoo layer. After applying enough shampoo, shut the shampoo nozzle (also known as rinse mode) and rinse the shampoo from the horse(s) coat as usual.


The Pressure Hose Nozzle Foam Gun 2.0 is approximately 22.3 cm x 14.1 cm and attaches to a normal garden hosepipe connection such as the standard HozeLock AquaStop connector (sku2075), also known as a fast connector.


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