Brooke O'Malley

Posted by Jana V on

My name is Brooke O’Malley and I’m the owner of Yallah Park Equestrian Centre on the Sunshine Coast . Yallah Park is a boutique agistment property in the Hinterlands . We have 17 very loved horses from miniatures through to senior retirees living their best life .

When I’m not too busy working, I love to compete in dressage but most of all love training my two horses ‘Sophie’ (Jaybee Alapinki) and ‘Cruiser’ (Yulara Cruiser)
I also have a beautiful rising 3 year old, Octane (Stirling Liquid Gold) and loving bonding with him on the ground whilst he’s growing .

I have a great local coach Amanda Clifford ,who has helped transform both of my horses . Amanda teaches for functionality and lightness ,following primarily the Classical Dressage principles - helping each individual horse to be the best they can both physically and mentally .

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