Beth Carter

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Beth is a 23-year-old dressage rider based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She has been riding since she was five and aspired to be a horse trainer since she started working with her trainer, Emma Flavelle, on the school holidays when she was 13.

At 18 Beth decided to take an opportunity to train in Germany for 3 months at a stallion barn where she began to learn what it really took to achieve her goal. 3 months turned to 6, in that time she sold her horse at home, which she had trained from a young horse to medium level, and purchased a 3-year-old mare, Quinte (Quarterhall x DonOlympic), in Germany. Beth decided she needed more experience before returning home to Australia, so she moved herself and her horse to Münster to train with Sebastian Langehanenberg (Heinze) for a year. Beth’s final stop in Germany was with Heike Kemmer.

After two years in Germany Beth returned home with her mare and continues to work part-time for Emma as a rider, as well as training her own client's horses on the side. Beth had found her passion for training horses and loves every minute of her work. 

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